How to create fabulous content, that sells your business?

Content marketing. It’s the latest buzzword, and new advertising must have, but where do you start? What do you write? How long should it be? How do you make sure it engages with your audience and grows your business?

If you want to have fabulous content that works for your business, here’s the low down.

Where do you start?

First up, who is your audience? You need to know exactly who you’re speaking too. The more specific you, the better.

Are you a yoga studio targeting busy women who care about their health?
Perhaps you’re a builder, whose potential customers are potential first homeowners?
Or maybe you’re a boutique public relations business and you clients are event organisers.

Whatever your business, you need to know who you’re writing for, to know what to write.

What to write?

Once you know who it is you are writing for, you can start to consider what they would like to know.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. For example, the busy woman who cares about her health. How can she make time to fit in a yoga class? When can she attend a class? Why is it important to make time for herself? What are the benefits of yoga when leading a busy lifestyle?

A first home owner looking at building their home will want to know how building can save them money vs. buying an existing home. How long will it take? What fears will they have? Are there hidden additional costs?

Good content always helps your reader in some way. It can educate, inform and or entertain the reader.

You know your customer, and you’ve thought about the kind of things they would like to know. Now you write content that will answer their questions, informs, educates and maybe even entertains them.

How long should it be?

Content is best when it’s short and concise. People scan their content and will lose interest if it’s too long, waffly or doesn’t add value to them in some way.

This is one instance where quality is better than quantity (lol). I work on 400-word blog posts, but on occasion when addressing a more in-depth topic, can write between 800- 1000 words, however, I do these stories sparingly and will include a multitude of other media within the content to break up the story.

When publishing your content, break the text up under sub-headings or use dot points, so people don’t have to read large blocks of texts. If you can, include links to further resources, that back up what you are saying.

How to reach your audience?

Now you have a written blog post and are ready to publish, but how do people know it even exists.
This is where you use your social media platforms to promote the link to your blog.
It’s an opportunity to say ‘hi guys, check out what I write over here on my website’.

People will hopefully click on the link to your webpage to read the post, thus creating more traffic to your web.
Once they’re on your website, hit them up to subscribe to your email database. It’s a must for every business and allows you to create a database of potential customers to engage with directly. It’s also an excellent way to measure how your content is working.

To further increase online engagement with your audience, and promote web traffic growth, your blog posts should include:

Share button

Having a share button on your included with your content allows people who like what they have read to share the post via their social media platforms

Allow Comments

Allowing comments is a great way to engage online directly with your audience. But make sure you respond to their comments.

Social media and content marketing is not about creating ads or directly selling your business. It’s about creating conversations, education and building online communities. It’s an opportunity to showcase your business as a leader, an expert in your industry, and humanise your business brand. It allows you to portray whatever or whoever you want to your business personality to be.

There you have it. How to create fabulous content that sells your business. I hope this helps you and your business.

If you have any feedback or questions, please comment below or flick me an email.


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