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Back to study… again

Yes, I’ve done it.

Ready for my first day of uni 2012.

I’m going back to study again. After finishing a long four-year hairdressing apprenticeship, followed by a diploma of makeup, I decided to have a career change. I then enrolled in uni and completed Bachelor of Journalism and then tacked on a life coaching course for good measure.

Now, I’ve gone and signed up for another course.

Before you get all ‘judgy’ (yes that’s a word) and think of me as a professional student and most likely helping these colleges and universities to stay in business, I just want to say I have not regretted one single course I’ve undertaken. In fact, I’ve learnt something from every single course. Each one has helped create who I am and what I know today.

And that means study is never a waste of time.

So, what have signed up for this time?

A copywriter’s course. Nothing life changing (or maybe it is?) but a short course. Only five-weeks.

Now I know you’re thinking, “but Jo, you’re a journalist. You already write for a living. Why would you sign up for a writing course?”

Well yes, I did, and I do. One of the downsides of my work is that writing is an isolated job. No one to speak with, bounce ideas off, or even a fresh set of eyes when editing.

Because of this, your mind can wonder, and self-doubt creeps in.

Am I good enough?

What if my clients don’t t like what I have created?

What if it’s wrong?

So instead of sitting back and letting self doubt creep over me, I decided to take some action. A confidence boost was needed, and what better way to do it than with a short writing course to refresh my knowledge and skills.

And you know what, I LOVE it! Since starting I feel like I’m writing better than ever before.

I just had the teachers feedback on some of my work, and I quote;

Wow Jo! So impressive, it’s robust and clean and a good use of formatting.”

So the moral of my story is you’re never too old.

It’s never too late.

You’re never too experienced to learn something new or refresh your skills.

If you take at least something away from the course, then you have lost nothing and gained something.

Next up I’m thinking, a web design course. Hmm… or maybe graphic design?

What would you like to learn, or what skills would you like to refresh? Comment below. I would love to know.

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